The National Geographic Institute donates a submarine volcano El Hierro rock to be exposed on the island

Staff of the House of the Cabildo de Lanzarote Volcano moved to El Hierro to study the development of the volcanic crisis that has been occurring since last October 10 on the island. Over a week, Orlando Hernandez, manager of Geodynamics Laboratory of Lanzarote, participated in a campaign gravimetric and review of various sensors on El Hierro. He did it with a team of Geodesy Group of the Institute of Geosciences.

Another activity was carried out for fieldwork in search of materials with staff from the Geological Survey of Spain and the Institute of Earth Sciences 'Jaume Almera'. Hernandez also maintained contacts with staff from the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in his visit to the Permanent Care Center (CAP). In this context, staff gave IGN Lanzarote representative rock samples from submarine volcano, which has been called 'restingolita', to become part of the permanent exhibition of the House of the Volcanoes.

The Minister of the Volcano House, Carmen Rosa Perez, noted that the Laboratory of Geodynamics "collaborates with numerous national and foreign exchange and data analysis, and so we think that our staff of the House of Volcanoes flock to the island of El Hierro ".

The House of the Volcanoes is located in the Parque Natural del Malpais de la Corona, on a volcanic pipe in the section known as del Agua Jameos. The facilities currently occupy 2,500 meters on two floors, which develops tourism, education and research. It is used as a venue for scientific meetings and courses are offered in conjunction with members volcanology Department of Volcanology Museum of Natural Sciences, Institute of Astronomy and Geodesy and teachers from the Universities of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.